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Summer Program

The Summer Enrichment Program is a great way for children to start off the summer.  It’s a time for the children to stay local and enjoy our community!  The Program provides children with theme-based learning that incorporates both character education and summer fun!  Children attend a number of exciting trips to go a long with our creative themes.  The children will also have an opportunity to enjoy sports, picnics, science & space, hands on arts and crafts and even have their own camp out!!!

The daily schedule includes many activities that compliment the Tools of the Mind Curriculum. We will read and discuss theme-related quality children’s literature in large and small groups, complete hands-on developmentally appropriate math, literacy & science activities, and continue to practice social skills, self-regulation and problem solving strategies. In addition, we will also have morning meeting, rest time, meals, and ample time for free play and outdoor play.

Each theme throughout the summer is approximately 1-2 weeks long and is accompanied by educational and fun field trips and/or special events that enhance the learning! Some of our traditional themes have been:

  • Summer Olympics
  • Gross & Gooey Science
  • Under the Sea
  • Camping & the Wilderness
  • Water Days
  • The Lizard Guys
  • Summer Olympic Games
  • Story Hour
  • Kids Cooking Projects
  • Mad Science


The Summer Enrichment Program runs for about 7-8 weeks from 2 days after the closing of school through the middle of August.  Parents must sign up for a minimum of 3 weeks.  The exact dates change a little year to year.  Brochures are available with exact information the April before the summer.


The site of this program varies and is dependent upon the number of children attending the program. It can be at any of our sites (with the exception of the Wallace site). 


There are usually two choices for daily activities

Full Day 7:30am - 5:30pm   Flex Schedule
Part Day 8:30am - 2:30pm  Flex Schedule