Mile Square Early Learning Center

Established Since 1979                                                   Early Childhood Service for Hoboken Residents                                          

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Preschool Transition

The Preschool Transition Program is offered to children 2 ˝ to 3 1/2.  Children enrolled in this program will turn 3 after September 30th

Our classrooms are filled with toys, books and age appropriate furniture.  Our children engage in daily activities such as:

  • Circle Time, and Dramatic Play.   
  • Children’s work is labeled using their words to express their ideas. 
  • Children begin to use language expression to help to communicate with the peers and the adults in their lives. 

Children have many opportunities to enhance math and science skills by using their environment, weather charts, graphs, and surveys.  Daily outdoor activities and special trips allow the children to expand their experiences.

Children playing with blocks learn balancing, measuring, and geometric as well as math concepts.  Yet, they are having fun!  Sand and water table play, enables children to learn about pouring, measuring, science etc.  Puppets, dolls, housekeeping and dramatic play encourages creativity and develops language skills.  

Registration Process

In order to begin the registration process for the Transition Program parents must complete and submit a waiting list application.