Mile Square Early Learning Center

Established Since 1979                                                   Early Childhood Service for Hoboken Residents                                          

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Infant & Toddler Program

We accept babies as young as 3 months old.  They remain in the Infant/ Toddler Program until they are approximately 2 ˝ years old.  At this time most children transfer to the Preschool Transition Program.  

Our babies and young toddlers experience routines such as:

  • Greeting/Departing (hellos and goodbyes),
  • diapering and toileting,
  • eating and mealtimes, and
  • sleeping and naptime.

Babies are daily exposed to tummy time with their caregiver. Young children’s  social / emotional,  physical, cognitive & language developments are stimulated daily. Children learn through hands-on activities including collage, finger painting, tearing and planting, etc.

Babies are encouraged to develop these skill areas for themselves, make decisions, work towards their own solutions, and express their own ideas and feelings.  

Registration Process

In order to begin the registration process for the Infant & Toddler Program parents must complete and submit a waiting list application.