Mile Square Early Learning Center

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Hoboken Early Childhood Program

Mile Square Early Learning Center is one of the providers contracted with the Hoboken Board of Education to provide services for the Hoboken Board of Education’s Early Childhood Education Program.  The Hoboken Early Childhood Program offers a full day program (8:30am- 2:30pm) following the Tools of the Mind curriculum, which is aligned with the New Jersey State Core Curriculum Content Standards. 

The curriculum objectives are designed to develop children’s underlying cognitive skills, focus on children’s social-emotional readiness and specific literacy skills that prepare children for their elementary school experience. 

We provide these services on behalf of the Hoboken Board of Education in four different locations.

  • Calabro Site, 158  4th St, 201-659-0779
  • Jackson Site, 770 Jackson St, 201-659-3014
  • Rue Site, 301 Garden St, 201-659-6086
  • St. Francis Site, 310 Jefferson St, 201-659-3012
  • Wallace Site, 1100 Willow Ave, 201-683-8530

Additional information about the curriculum and how to register your child can be found at the Hoboken School website. 

Early Childhood Program and Registration:

This program serves Hoboken residents who have turned 3 or 4 years of age by September 30th. Services are available free of charge.  More Registration and Information about the Early Childhood Program can be found on the Hoboken Board of Education Early Childhood Education Program page.


For more information about the Tools of the Mind Curriculum, visit their website at